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GITN Quality

Quality is maintained at Gold in the Net via a certification program which was implemented to provide continuity in all programs worldwide.  Gold in the Net is the only hockey school to provide in-depth training for its staff.  This keeps the ideals and philosophies together and allows all the programs throughout the franchises to continually develop as a unit.

At Gold in the Net, each Helper, Instructor, and Head Instructor must be certified.  There are five levels of certification, Helper, Jr. Instructor, Instructor, Head Instructor, and finally a Master Instructor.  Last year Gold in the Net certified more than 200 staff while operating certification programs in Parksville, British Columbia; Edmonton, Albert; Ottawa, Ontario; and Finland.

All staff members are required to update their certificate annually while upgrading their status and ranking.  The necessary training provided shows everyone at each level what they are responsible for and how to execute their job properly.  Senior Helpers can obtain an instructors certificate allowing them to travel and work at various locations.  Instructors get to update their Instructor’s certificate to a Head Instructor level gaining them more pay and opportunities for traveling and operating an entire program by themselves.