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Gold in the Net - Vancouver Island & Metro Vancouver


The WILL to WIN is easy. The WILL to prepare to win is much more difficult. Let Gold  in the Net - Metro Vancouver and Gold in the Net - Vancouver Island guide your game to the success it deserves. For over 32 years Gold in the Net Hockey Schools continues to work with goalies all over the globe and has built it’s premier programming on strengths and abilities to see and understand the evolution of the game not only in Canada and the USA, but on the World Stage, focusing on a goalie’s style and system based on his or her strengths and weaknesses. Our dynamic coaching staff and unique instruction format provide our students with an experience where they will learn the most cutting-edge training methods available. Our highly structured camps propel students to improve their skill level, self-esteem, concentration, confidence, coordination, discipline, physical and mental conditioning.

We are here to make YOU better, though continued support, modern technology, and over 33 years of programing excellence.  

At Gold in the Net “YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR GOAL”. Each time you step on the ice or in a classroom it becomes our goal to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to help you become better.  






“The incorporation of strenuous and explosive reactive physical movements with increasing levels of cognitive challenges set Gold in the Net apart from any other hockey program out there today.”

This light board measures performance and records the data to track improvement. It will enhance the goalie’s reaction time, visual-motor coordination skills and peripheral visual awareness. By improving these skills, the goalie makes better, faster and smarter decisions.

The ability to increase and improve the tracking ability for any goaltender will allow him to perform at a higher more consistent level. In addition, the peripheral enhancement will provide better awareness of where everyone is in the zone without losing track of the puck. The incorporation of physical movement and cognitive processing has made it a natural fit for concussion management.

 Gold in the Net -Vancouver Island

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Gold in the Net - Metro Vancouver 

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