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British Columbia

2018-2019 Winter Clinics - Vancouver Island

Winter Camp - December 27th , 2018

Comox Valley Sports Centre - 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM


Great time for that mid-season refresher before the bad habits start creeping in...

Full 1 Day Camp is perfect for that midseason refresher! Low student/ net raito guarentess more time in net. 

Students numbers are limited.

This high energy, informative and fast paced 1 day camp will bring you back to the top of your game!

REGULAR - UP TO 9 YEARS (Net Ratio 4:1) $100 + tax

INTERMEDIATE - AGES 9 & 10 (Net Ratio 4:1) $100 + tax

ADVANCED 1 - AGES 10-12 (Net Ratio 3:1) $135 + tax

ADVANCED 2 - AGES 13+ ( Net Ratio 3:1) $135 + tax

ELITE 1 - AGES 12-14 (Net Ratio 2:1) $175 + tax

ELITE 2 - AGES 14+ (Net Ratio 2:1) $175 + tax

Your day will incude:

2 X 1.5 Hr. On Ice Sessions

Mental training seminar

Dynavision Peripheral Training Board - Elevate & Train Visual, Cognitive and Motor Functions across all ages and skill.

Email:  or 250-591-1531


Regular, Intermediate, Advanced, or Elite

Regular ProgramBeginner puck stoppers up to 9 years or for those just beginning to play the position. This program covers all the basic fundamentals of goaltending. Fantastic way to learn the basics and develop good habits.                 Student/Net Ratio 4:1 

Intermediate Program - Suitable for goalies 9 and 10 or for those who are comfortable with the basic skills. Designed to take the goalie to the next step in their development.                                                                                                            Student/ Net Ratio 4:1

Advanced Programs - GITN believes in a progressive development system for the goaltender. The Advanced program are split into two levels and are designed to take the goaltender through progressive stages for a more balanced and complete program.      Level 1 - Goalies aged 10-12 / Level 2 - Goalies aged 13+                       Student/Net  Ratio 3:1

Elite Programs - Intense programs designed to give the goalies professional level drills and instruction. This program offers a week of intense physical and mental training, so come prepared for a challenge which will take your game to the next level. Intended for goalies who have mastered the Advanced programs.      Level 1 - Goalies 12-14 / Level 2 - Goalies 15+                                            Student/Net Ratio 2:1 


Regular  $100+tax Register 
Intermediate   $100+ tax Register
Advanced Level 1  $135 + tax Register
Advanced Level 2  $135+ tax Register
Elite Level 1  $175+ tax Register
Elite Level 2  $175+ tax



Student Jerseys

Student Jerseys will be available for purchse of $20.00 + tax along with your clinic registration. Jersey will not be for sale on camp day.

Lunch Break

Lunch Break will be approx. 11:45 to 12:15. Please pack a bag lunch and refrain from peanut products.