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MTC Camps

Gold in the Nets - MTC GOLD

Have you been taking chances with your game?

Not knowing with certainty that you are mentally prepared or have done everything possible to be ready for your next game can lead to poor results.

Take the guess work out of your game preparation.

Let Gold in the Net guide you with the complete mental training program that is unrivaled by any other in the industry.

The third installment of the Mental Training Course (MTC GOLD) is available to those who have completed weeks I and II. It is a culmination of all threee courses that will give the goaltender the information based to create mapping that will untimately lead to greater success!

Please check local camp location for availablity

                 Elite MTC (Mental Training Course)                  

MTC Level 1 - Ages 10-13  / MTC Level 2 Ages 14+

 What separates good goalies from greatness? What defines the final outcome? Most experts agree that the “Mental Side of the Game” is the answer.

Gold in the Net combines several technologies together to instil a complete and balanced program where peak performance is gained. This is not only about learning mental training, it’s about combining mental and physical training and guiding the athletes to a more consistent performance.

Because there is so much information, two separate courses are available.

Week A
Energy Regulation, and Concentration Training

Week B
Thought Regulation, and Confidence Training

An Average Day

  • 1 Goalie Per Net - AM Ice / 2 Goalies per Net PM Ice

    Will begin with the first of 3 classroom settings where during the first class of the day will be spent on Theory.

    First ice-time will be 90 minutes in length that will, lessons on Technique as well as Perfecting Movements. Being an Elite Level the goalies will work on tracking and movement skill that will involve drills with pucks on the morning sessions.

    The second classroom setting will be a practical application to derive a better understanding and where classroom and ice sessions will meet.

    Second ice-time is 90 minutes in length and will create game situational drills that will evolve with the level and progression of the goalies skill level. Each student will be filmed and critiqued by the instructor for the take home student DVD.

    Each day will end with a debrief session where goalies will also get to spend time on the Dynavision to enhance their tracking and peripheral awareness.