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Office set up will include:

1. Policies and Procedure manual will guide you through the daily operation of a Gold in the Net business. It will include job descriptions of all duties in the school. Instructor and helper evaluations, along with rules and guidelines for them to follow.

2. Chart of Accounts (template) you will be supplied with a detailed chart of accounts list for a Simply Accounting program.

3. Data Base (template), which will allow you to keep track of your student and other important contact information. This special data base features student picture display with multiple contact lists.

4. Office Supplies provided in the initial start-up of each franchise;

      1000 Brochures for the 1st year

      300 Posters for the 1st year

      500 Business cards

      3 sets of instructional DVD packages.

Hockey School package will include:

  • Regular program manual is one of the most important courses offered to our students.  It is where an essential strong foundation is built to allow our students to progress into higher levels.  The manual encompasses all of the basic movements a goaltender will have to use while playing.

  • Intermediate program manual bridges the gap between the Regular and Advanced programs setting the groundwork that will enable a goaltender to reach their true potential. Much more emphasis is placed on positioning and puck handling.

  • Advanced Levels 1 and 2 program manuals will leave out much of the early basics of the regular program, concentrating and addressing the needs of the advancing goaltender.  Concepts like a goalie system or how to close holes that the body creates are introduced.

  • Elite Levels 1 and 2 program manual provides the tools necessary to address the individual needs of each goaltender.  Always new and innovative while dealing with the ever changing styles of the game.

  • Elite MTC (Mental Training Course) What is Mental Toughness? How important is it? Understanding exactly what mental training is can be the first step to improving your mental game.

  • Power Skating guide has been especially designed for the skating needs of today’s goaltenders.  Completely laid out for the instructor, it will enhance the goalies understanding of their edges while promoting explosive power in their movements.

  • Mini Camp or Clinic manual is a completely prepared program to do 6 to 8 hour camps/clinics and is great for minor hockey clinics or shortened special holiday programs during the season.

  • Dryland manual is again specifically designed for the goaltenders and offers separate programs for the various levels in your camp.

  • Lecture and Meeting guides offer the instructor guidance and direction when conducting the lectures or meetings, and contains a wide range of topics from Equipment to Mental Toughness.

  • Shooting Coordinator manual is all you need to provide your shooters with the details of each drill and how they work, where they will be, and how many shooters you will need at each station.

  • Student DVD taping procedure guide detailing the preparation that needs to be covered for the videotaping, what will be video, where the camera will need to go along with all of the details of what is to be filmed and the sequence.

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