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Designed for the Intensely Motivated & Driven

U-13, U-15, U-17, Jr., College, Pro

The IPD (Intensive Pro Development Camp) is the highest-ranking program operated by GITN. It has been especially designed for those who are internally driven to succeed. Those attending must have a strong character, work ethics and commitment to endure the three and a half hours of ice time daily that include a personal development ice, skill development ice, to go along with the 90 minute drill session for their last ice of the day. In addition to  the two daily Mental Training Sessions.

  • 1-1 student/net ratio AM ice

  • 2/1 student/net ratio for PM ice session.

Intensive Pro Development


  • Full Day Camp 8am-4pm (Approximate)

  • Three Ice sessions per day for a total of 17.5 hours of on ice training each week

  • One hour dedication to Personal Development Ice, where each goalie gets their own net with shooter.

  • One hour Skill Refinement & Theory Ice, dedicated to enhancing puck handling, movements, etc.

  • 90 minute Drill Session Ice, where the goalies will share the net with only one other goalie

  • Two Mental Training Classroom Session each day to enhance mental toughness

  • Gold in the Net goalie cut jersey

  • Each student take home a personal DVD/USB of their performance

  • Achievement Awards – 3+ Year Students

  • Die Hard Award (given to hardest working goalie who best exemplifies the GITN student)

  • Shootout Award – Friday afternoons.


  • Will begin with the first of 2 classroom settings where during the first class of the day will be spent on Theory.

  • First ice-time will be 60 minutes in length that will be for Personal Development Ice and focus on the goalies needs where they will have their own net for the session along with a shooter.

  • Second Ice-time will be 60 minutes in length dedicated to Skill Refinement & Theory ice, not to neglect vital areas of the game. The ice time is dedicated to enhancing skills like puck handling, movements, power skating needed for the goalies overall progressive development.

  • The second classroom setting will be a practical application to derive a better understanding and where classroom and ice sessions will meet.

  • Third ice-time is 90 minutes in length and will create game situational drills that will evolve with the level and progression of the goalies skill level. Each student will be filmed and critiqued by the instructor for the take home student DVD.

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