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British Columbia

Metro Vancouver & Vancouver Island

Gold in the Net - Vancouver Island and Metro Vancouver  are very excited to announce that as we move into Phase 3 of the provinces re-launch we will be offering 2020 Summer Camp programs!! The "New" normal means that there will be extra safety and health protocols  in place at all  arenas to ensure the safety of all participants as well as staff. Camp locations have been modified to meet the Covid 19 protocals set out by the Govt. of BC.

*Please note that to maintain social distancing during our camps we have had to reduce the group sizes for some ice sessions - as a result space is very limited in most of our camps*

 Head Coaching Staff for BC

The BC team is a combined group of Professionals from Former NHL Goalie Coach and Jr. Coaches to RMT and Teachers who will provide the very best in a complete and well rounded training program both on and off the ice and in the classroom.

For over 32 years Gold in the Net continues to work with goalies all over the globe and has built it’s premier programing on strengths and abilities to see and understand the evolution of the game not only in Canada and the USA, but on the World Stage, focusing on a goalie’s style and system based on his or her strengths and weaknesses.

Our professional coaching staff and unique instruction format provide our students with an experience where they will learn the most cutting-edge training methods available. Our highly structured camps propel students to improve their skill level, self-esteem, concentration, confidence, coordination, discipline, physical and mental conditioning.

DANIEL KRAM - RMT                              Owner/Operator GITN-Metro Vancouver

Daniel Kram is a RMT, with education and experience in manual therapies, rehab management, coaching and instructing. Daniel was introduced to Gold In The Net in 2014 when he took his grandson, Seth to a camp in Burnaby, BC. Because of Dan's interest in movement mobility and fitness, he approached Perry about the dryland program they were running at the camp.  After a short conversation Perry asked Daniel to help, which he did for that week.  Early in 2015 Perry contacted Daniel to help produce a new dryland program for Gold In The Net.  Frank Sluboski, a NCAA and Pro goalie, said it was the best dryland he had encountered.

Constantly expanding his craft, Daniel introduced Original Strength Resets to the camps on Vancouver Island in 2018. Through continuing dialogue with Perry, Daniel and his wife Berit became the franchisees for Gold In The Net-Metro Vancouver in October.

Daniel has a passion for hockey and keeping athletes performing at their best. He is very excited to combine the new Senaptec Sensory System and Strobe glasses in conjunction with our dryland training. This  will provide our goalies with the ability to perform at their highest level and reduce the chances of injury.

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BILL MORRISON - COACH                                Owner/Operator GITN Vancouver Island

Bill started with GITN in the mid 90's, and currently operates GITN VI (Vancouver Island). He brings with him over 35 years working with goaltenders both here and in Europe. Bill has played 8 years of pro hockey in Europe, winning a National Championship in the Danish Elite League.  Along with that, he also played in 5 World Hockey Championships Pool B winning a Silver Medal. During this time in Europe Bill also competed in the Winter Olympic Qualifying Tournament leading up to the Nagano Olympics. Bill has been the goaltender coach for the Victoria Cougars for the past 10 seasons, and South Island Royals of the MML for 3 years during this time. Prior to that worked with the Victoria Salsa of the BCJHL.


Jeff “Scarey” Carey has been a member of Gold in the Net for almost a decade. Jeff has been a goaltender since age 9 and played up to the level of Junior hockey. He soon transitioned into coaching and post-secondary education at age 21. He spent 5 years with the North Island Silvertips BC Major Midget hockey club, while attending school and completing a degree with a major in Psychology, with most of his research focused towards sport and performance psychology.

Jeff has recently graduated from Vancouver Island University with a second degree, now focusing on education, on his road to becoming an excellent teacher, on and off the ice. Jeff started as a student with Gold in the Net, transitioning into instructing and training students, and is now seeing his old students transition to becoming instructors themselves. Jeff has a demand for perfection when training, but fully believes that the key to developing goaltenders & students is being focused on building relationships.


From the Beginners to the Pros


NEW Strobe Eyewear is designed to train the connections between an individual's eyes, brain and body. Using liquid crystal visual information and forcing the goalie to process more efficiently.

Improves balance, anticipation and reaction to gain the most competitive edge.

Vancouver Island and Metro Vancouver

D2 Light Board measures performance and records the data to track improvement. It will enhance the goalie's reaction time, visual-motor coordination skill and peripheral visual awareness. By improving these skills, the goalie makes better, faster and smarter decisions.

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Before you make a single move in training or competition, your senses are actively engaged and prepare the mind and body for action. Vision accounts for the majority of the sensory information received and processed by the brain. Science and research show that these visual and sensory skills are modifiable. Excellent sensory skills are often the competitive advantage to perceive and react more quickly in sport, battle, or other life activities.

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Mental Training Programs

This program features a complete mental training course with on ice development. Each goaltender has his/her own net in the morning ice session and share the net with only one other goalie for the afternoon sessions. This program is operated under the same guidelines as our pro camp and offers GITN's most complex program. It is available in 5-day (Elite + MTC) and 10-day program (MTC Complete GOLD).

Check Camp location for availability.

 Gold in the Net -Vancouver Island

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Gold in the Net - Metro Vancouver 

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