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Mental & Visual Training

Vancouver Island

  • Bill is the main MTC instructor for the Vancouver Island summer programHe has delivered all levels of the MTC Program for the past 8 years with GITN. Bill has also delivered MTC programs to Minor Hockey Associations
Let’s take advantage of the down time away from the rink to work on our Mental Training, with our MTC (Mental Training Course) Online. GITN was the first goaltending program to offer Mental Training over **8 years ago, and it continues to be a key component of our summer program.  While last season  is still fresh in your mind, let’s problem solve some Mental aspects of your game, and work on improving your Mental Game for next season.

Bill Morrison
Gold in the Net – Vancouver Island



Online (MTC) Mental Training Course
  • One on One

  • Totally Interactive

  • Ability to customize as needed based on what you need  or problems you may be having.

  • Powerpoint presentation

  • Questions will be emailed through the night before
  • Some questions will need to be completed between sessions (homework)
  • Please be sure to have a notebook and a pen
  • 6  x  45 minute sessions              COST - $150 + tax

  • Course instructor: Bill Morrison – Owner of GITN Vancouver Island Goaltending Coach Victoria Cougars (past 11 years)
  • Former Professional goaltender in European Elite Leagues


Before you make a single move in training or competition, your senses are actively engaged and prepare the mind and body for action. Vision accounts for the majority of the sensory information received and processed by the brain. Science and research show that these visual and sensory skills are modifiable. Excellent sensory skills are often the competitive advantage to perceive and react more quickly in sport, battle, or other life activities.

With Senaptec’s technologies, you can assess, analyze and improve sensory performance to gain the winning edge. The Sensory Station is a state-of-the-art sensory evaluation & training solution which assesses individuals of all levels on 10 visual and sensorimotor skills. In less than 25 minutes you can determine an individual’s strengths and opportunities to improve sensory performance. A Sensory Performance Report is produced immediately with an improvement plan to start training with our system. Sensory Station measurements are founded on scientific principles and proven through research. 

You Tube Video on the Senaptec Sensory Station 

Contact us for more information on how we incorporate off ice training with sensory training to allow the goalie to perform at their best!

Gold in the Net - Metro Vancouver 

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The methodology has been used to evaluate youth, professional athletes and even the military. Senaptec’s data analytics include comparative databases from youth to professional sports in a wide range of sports and positions. Senaptec’s proprietary algorithms provide an 18-point analysis report immediately after the evaluation. A custom improvement plan is also included based on the report. Senaptec provides training tools for all assessed skills. The tools on the Sensory Station training platform are built as games that are designed to help people improve their sensory performance.

 In 25 minutes, the Sensory Station can assess an individual on 10 visual and sensorimotor skills,including: visual clarity; contrast sensitivity; depth perception; near-far quickness; perception span;multiple object tracking; reaction time; target capture; eye-hand coordination; and go/no go acumen.

 The assessment immediately provides a report comparing the individual to other players and professional athletes. The report reveals the player’s sensory strengths and areas for improvement, allowing the user to develop a custom program for improvement using training tools and drills on the Sensory Station.

Vancouver Island 


The Dynavision D2 vision training board has had a tremendous impact at Gold in the Net Hockey Schools! The D2 has provided our goaltenders access to vision training at an entire new level and for the first time at a goaltending program. We are able to combine off-ice training on the D2 with innovative on-ice tracking and reading drills. The D2 gives Gold in the Net goaltenders the edge to succeed!...

An elite goaltender must excel at eye-hand coordination, peripheral awareness, cognitive processing ability, visual reaction time, decision making under stress and concentration under fatigue. The D2 trains this and so much more! We see a substantial difference both mentally and physically between our goaltenders that combine D2 training with our on-ice programs compared to those that just participate on-ice. Goaltenders that train on the D2 track pucks better, have the ability to read the play more consistently, react to rebounds faster, have improved focus, increased field of vision to see opposing players and perform better under stress.

Our clients love the challenge of the D2 and are excited for every session. Athletes enjoy getting a score. The tracking capabilities of the D2 allow our clients to compete against themselves and on our weekly leaderboard. All of our clients improve and are driven by the rush of reaching new bench marks. The D2 is very diverse and limitless in providing a challenge that is never-ending. Goaltenders of all ages and skill levels have been on our D2 vision training board. All of our clients leave wanting more of this cutting-edge technology.

Dynavision Pricing

1 Session $25 plus GST
5 Sessions $110 plus GST
10 Sessions $200 plus GST

Sessions are 30 minutes long. Vision is everything to an athlete, especially a goaltender!  Don't be left behind. Contact us today to start your training.

Gold in the Net - Vancouver Island

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