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Winning is a Mental Game

Gold in the Net made history by being the first hockey school program to offer a complete mental training course to compliment its already impressive line-up of programs being offered. The Pro Development programs are a cross between the Elite program offered by GITN and the Pro Camp. Accompanied with the on ice element for this program is a mental training course that allows the goalie to attend to an entirely different component of their game while continuing to develop and enhance their on ice skills. Each day is comprised of a series of classroom sessions that go through theory, practical and finally a debrief to go along with the ice component of the program.


Everyone understands just how important the mental side of the game can be and everyone really wants to perform better, so based on its importance why do people spend so little time perfecting such an important part of their game? The lack of true understanding of exactly what mental training is coupled with the lack of physical results or proper guidance and direction all have contributing factors as to why some goalie don’t spend the proper amount of time working on the mental part of the their game.


What GITN did was to simplify the process and put it into terms that they can understand. The program works like this; each day we start with a lecture where theory is examined. This is where the goalie gets interested and understands why it will help but it is the next step that begins the process of improving the mental capacity for each goalie. The practical side the mental training is the next classroom setting. Here the goalies will learn how to implement it into their game by actually doing and applying the theoretical part of the program.  The program concludes each day with a debriefing to ensure that every aspect has been covered and absorbed by the student. Each day continues on with a different topic with incredible results.


Taking the goalie through the steps to create their own personalized elements and scripts that they will need to implement mental training will allow them the success and the ability to continue to work on their mental game throughout the season.

Each goaltender has their own net in the morning ice session and share the net with only one other goalie for the afternoon sessions.


This program is operated under the same guidelines as our pro camp and offers GITN's most complex program. It is available in 5-day Pro Development or Intensive Pro Development.

Check Camp location for availability.

Mental Training
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