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What a Gold in the Net Franchise does for you is to set you up with a current program, which is continually updated with the latest information. Not everyone has the time or resources to gain access to this level of information.

Having the stability of an established name, Gold in the Net has been around since 1986 and is highly regarded by Canada Hockey, countless Associations and Federations around the world.

Supportive environment that has a proven operating system, marketing strategies, high profile sponsors and supporters, continual support with specialized training programs to maintain continuity throughout the company.

Exclusive territories, Gold in the Net offers Optional Master, Regional and Unit Franchise opportunities world wide, offering excellent growth potential.


Service Description

Gold in the Net’s main focus is to provide innovative help for today’s goaltenders and coaches of all ages and caliber. This is accomplished by not only operating a wide range of summer programs and state of the art training centre, but also by way of traveling hockey schools, seminars, private consultations, and an in-depth instructional training DVD series. 


Learn from the BEST! Gold in the Net continually maintains our innovative training program by having the best-qualified and trained instructors in the goaltending school business. Only instructors certified by Gold in the Net are eligible to teach students.

Our unique and exclusive approach to developing goaltending skills is predicated on possessing the best-designed programs for the improvement of each individual student at any level or age. Gold in the Net believes that goaltender development is not only determined by one’s dedication and effort, but also by the influence of a well trained and motivated staff.|


Gold in the Net’s innovative training system is based on improving control & confidence both in and out of the net.   It is our focus to provide the absolute best goaltending skills training and guidance to help goaltending talent achieve the competitive edge necessary to excel to the "next" level.


We work with our students ON and OFF the ice in a fun, competitive environment to improve their goaltending skills and confidence.  


Our specialized drills and progressive curriculum encourage creativity, identify and eliminate weaknesses, build upon strengths, and teach our students how to teach themselves.

“The will to win is easy.  The will to PREPARE to win is difficult.” 

Goaltending is the greatest game on the Ice and becomes even GREATER as a student’s knowledge, skills, and abilities improve.  Gold in the Net goes the extra mile to improve ALL the vital goaltending skills necessary for our students to excel to the next level.   Experience our commitment to developing our goaltenders skills!

Ongoing Support:

Manuals are updated annually to bring you the most recent and up to date program anywhere in the world.

Instructors can be provided in the early stages of a franchise until you have had time to establish a crew. Presently our franchises share or trade services between one another to enhance the perspective of their students.

Annual Training Program conducted by the corporate head office is a training program for all of the franchises.  New ideas and concepts are introduced and all staff from Helpers to Head Instructors can upgrade their certificates and better prepare them for the upcoming summer.

Web site is maintained and developed by the corporate office.  Registrations taken from the site go directly to the franchisee.  In addition each franchise has the opportunity to create their own site, with in the guidelines of the corporate office.

Advertising is an essential part of any franchise.  The corporate office looks after design of posters and brochures and assists franchisees with ad or promotion set up and design.  Logos are available as well as pre prepared signs and decals.


Franchise Training:

The training takes place on Beautiful Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada. The franchisee is responsible for all travel and accommodation costs.  The training program will include the following topics:

  •    On ice training, demonstrations, and techniques, Boni puck machine, equipment;

  •    School training manuals, operations manual, and teaching techniques;

  •    Policies and procedures, training staff, safety, lecture topic guild, and filming procedures;

  •    Marketing, advertising, generating leads, and press releases; and

  •   Accounting, filing systems, computerized bookkeeping, royalty reporting, and ordering supplies.


A second training program will be scheduled for some work experience during the summer at an operating franchise location.

At Gold in the Net each Helper, Instructor and Head Instructor must be certified by head office.  Annually the corporate office conducts a training program for all Gold in the Net staff for all of the franchises.

Helpers are properly trained to perform the duties required during the programs.

Senior Helpers are trained and can obtain an Instructors certificate allowing them to travel and work at various locations.

Instructors get to update their Instructor’s certificate to a Head Instructor level gaining them more pay and more opportunities for travel and to operate an entire program by themselves.

Anyone attending this program is required to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to attending.  Applicants must meet the requirements and standards set by the corporate  office.  Franchisees are responsible for all travel expenses to and from the training location as well as all accommodations.  Some restrictions apply.

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