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Available throughout the hockey season. Contact the office nearest you for more information.

Gold in the Net uses trained and certified staff to do all of our clinics, this ensures the continuity and consistency of the program being taught all over the World through the Gold in the Net programs and system. Gold in the Net is the only hockey school program to set and implement standards by having all staff members take a coarse and pass a demanding test in order to qualify for the 7 different levels of instructing staff.
We also use the World famous Boni Puck Shooting Machine at all of our goalie clinics, which ensures accurate shots for creating good habits in the net while breaking bad ones. Adding a little bit of excitement with many of the kids who find the machine very intriguing.

Coaching Clinics

Available throughout the hockey season. Contact the office nearest you for more information.

We have a wealth of experience in coaching not only goaltenders but dealing with coaches at all levels including the NHL. A better understanding will allow coaches to better manage their time spent with the goalies on the team. That is why it is critical to include a coaching clinic relating to the coaches in your association to assist them in harnessing the true potential of their individual goaltending needs.

We have mental topics on how the goalie’s mind works. Sessions show the coaches how to best utilize the goalies workout in conjunction with the teams overall practice. We have top people available to conduct coaching seminars including Perry Elderbroom, former NHL goalie coach as well as recently retired NHL Stanley Cup Finalist David LeNeveu who was with the New York Rangers during there recent run to the Cup Finals.


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