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Staff Training


14+Year Students

Have you ever thought of becoming a Gold in the Net Instructor?  Each year Gold in the Net trains and certifies its staff for the upcoming summer programs.  We are the only hockey school that is known to train and certify its entire staff to ensure quality and continuity of its programs throughout the world.  Each year, instructor training programs were held in Parksville, British Columbia; Edmonton, Alberta; Ottawa, Ontario; and Finland.  In total, Gold in the Net has certified more than 200 staff members to teach its programs across the globe.

Top Gold in the Net staff rate and rank helpers and instructors to assess the appropriate level they should be instructing.  All staff members are required to update their certificate annually, while upgrading their status and ranking.  The necessary training provided shows everyone at each level what they are responsible for and how to execute their job properly.  Senior Helpers can obtain an instructor’s certificate that allows them to travel and work at various locations.  Instructors get to update their Instructor’s certificate to a Head Instructor level gaining them more pay and opportunities for traveling and operating an entire program by themselves.

Please check with your closest franchise for more details on when and where training programs are held.

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